17ft Osagian Classic Aluminum Canoe

The Canoe that made Osagian famous. The best all-around choice for entry- and intermediate- level canoeists in a wide variety of applications. Honest, true-tracking, almost unconscious performance - day-in, day-out, season-in, season-out - is what sets the Classic apart.

Over the years we've made a few refinements, including a side sponson model for extra stability.

But the real beauty of an Osagian Classic Canoe is found in something that hasn't changed a bit: The rugged integrity of our meticulous, hands-on craftsmanship.

  • Osagian's Exclusive All-Welded Keel Design

  • Made from 6061-T6 Aluminum .050 Thick

  • Available in Unique Camo Paint

  • Available Powder-Coat finish in Red, Yellow, Green, or Blue

  • Bow and stern grab handles

Courtesy of Osagian Canoes


2 hour canoe trip $27 / $30*

3 hour canoe trip $33 /$35*

5 hour canoe trip $40 / $43*

*Weekend/Holiday Pricing